Marketing Mentor Package

Opening doors for marketing professionals through 1-2-1 coaching

Aimed at marketing professionals. Mentoring is offered across the following areas:

  • Seeking promotion: 1-2-1 coaching leading up to a promotion deadline. Working together to identify ways to increase internal profile (within your organisation) and external profile (media and clients), address weak spots and general coaching around EQ level, body language and mindset. The focus is on moving from being good to great
  • Confidence: 1-2-1 coaching working together to find your inner confidence, shape this into a form that works in tandem with your skill set and finally, how to ensure your idea/voice is heard
  • Break away from PAYE and set up a marketing consultancy: 1-2-1 coaching working together to build personal confidence, identify your business proposition and differentiator and build a business and timeline plan. Also covers how to straddle a full time PAYE role and start and build a business (not easy!)

£65.00 per hour. £300 for block bookings of 5 sessions.